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  • N98094


ICE Futures operates a futures and options exchange for trading in a range of agricultural commodities, as well as for equity indexes, currencies and North American natural gas and power contracts (the Exchange).

ICE Futures will require market participants wishing to make delivery using Exchange commodities located in Australia to deliver and store these commodities with nominated Australian resident warehouse businesses approved by ICE Futures, under a Warehouse Licence Agreement.

ICE Futures proposes to enter into a warehouse licence with those Australian warehouse businesses (Warehouse Licence Agreement), under which the warehouse business licensee agrees to store the commodity in accordance with the requirements of the Rules of the Exchange, including the use of an Electronic Warehouse
Receipt (EWR) system nominated by the Exchange.This is necessary for the prudent security of the Exchange.
The EWR system nominated by the Exchange for use in respect of its commodity contracts where the commodity
is cotton is the system supplied by EWR Inc, a US based supplier of electronic warehouse receipt software.


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