• Adrian Maurice Staltari
  • Alan Carl Hipper
  • Alberto Tassone
  • Andrew Stent
  • Angus Hunter
  • Christian Wade Rossi
  • Craig Nicholas Wedd
  • Danielle Smith
  • Glennard Frederick Joyce
  • Gordon Wallace Smith
  • HBF Health Limited
  • Harvey N Williams
  • Ian McKenzie
  • Jacinta Peta Willett
  • Jeffery J Leach
  • Jeremy McLernon
  • Nathan Arthur Paull
  • Noel Laurence Fosbery
  • Paul Bonser
  • Phil Tomazin
  • Robert Miller
  • Seacress Pty Ltd as trustee for The Mandurah Pharmacy Trust
  • Sherri Sataltari
  • Stent Nominees Pty Ltd as trustee for the Barrington Trust
  • Susan Elizabeth Fosbery
  • Timothy William Scott Bartlett
  • Tom Golovoda

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HBF Health Limited (HBF), a provider of insurance services, proposes to offer benefits to HBF customers on condition that HBF customers also acquire goods or services from Friendlies pharmacies.
Friendlies pharmacies propose to offer benefits to Friendlies pharmacy customers on condition that Friendlies pharmacy customers also acquire insurance services from HBF.
Benefits include:
-'buy one get one free' promotions on goods and services
-'buy two get one free' promotions on goods and services
-percentage discounts on goods and services
-fixed dollar discounts on goods and services
-free goods and services
-exclusive or increased insurance benefits on health services provided by the pharmacy
-entry into competitions
-free or discounted Friendlies pharmacies membership


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