FOXTEL Management Pty Ltd - Notification - N95745


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  • N95745


FOXTEL Management Limited on behalf of the FOXTEL Partnership (FOXTEL) proposes to run a promotion with iSelect Limited (iSelect) for a period of not less than one month which will be made available to participating iSelect customers. It is proposed that the participating iSelect customers will be eligible to receive a 50% discounted subscription to the FOXTEL service (the Offer). The Offer will be made available to new FOXTEL subscribers who subscribe to a 12 month contract with FOXTEL to receive the FOXTEL service comprising:
(a) a 12 month subscription to FOXTEL's Get Started package for $22.50 per month (normally valued at $45.00 per month); and
(b) installation to be purchased by the customer in accordance with FOXTEL's Residential Pricing Guide.


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