FBSOL Pty Limited & S Cubed Pty Limited - Notifications - N95776 & N95777


  • FBSOL Pty Limited
  • S Cubed Pty Limited

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  • N95776
  • N95777


FBSOL Pty Ltd and/or S Cubed Pty Ltd will or might supply the "Improvit Software Package" used for the design and sales of such steel structures such as awnings, pergolas and verandas, and procure, manufacture and supplystructure component services' ON CONDITION that distributors buy all home improvement structure components from one or more of a number of suppliers approved by FBSOL Pty Ltd. If a distributor fails to do this, its distribution agreement might be terminated. FBSOL and S Cubed propose to engage in this conduct until further notice.


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