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Equestrian Australia Limited (EA) proposes to offer equestrian sports event services (Event Services) to owners and/or riders of equestrian sports horses who are members of EA (Entrants), on condition that, in certain circumstances, horses have been vaccinated against the Hendra virus.

Official EA events are organised on EA's behalf through various organising committees, constituted by volunteer members. As EA delegates, all persons comprising an organising committee are responsible for the proper conduct of the event in accordance with EA rules and international standards.

This condition only relates to horses that have recently resided in Hendra endemic areas (Northern NSW and Queensland) within a specified period and will be determined by the relevant organising committee based on a biosecurity risk assessment for that particular event.


The ACCC has received a large number of submissions from interested parties. The majority of these submissions raise similar issues. For ease of access to such a large number of submissions on the public register, each submission has been given a number which is recorded in an index of submissions. Submissions are being placed on the public register in groups of 20.

The index will assist parties to locate specific submissions.

Submissions from veterinarians, organising committees and submissions received following the forum held in Brisbane on 14 October 2015 have been placed on the public register in separate groups.

Public submissions from organisations such as associations or government departments have been placed on the public register individually.

The link to submissions can be located below.

On 18 December 2015, the ACCC issued a Statement of Reasons outlining why it has allowed the notification to continue.


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