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ENERGEX Limited (Energex) owns electricity distribution assets comprising a network in South East Queensland. It operates and maintains that network to supply electricity services. Recent regulatory changes now allow for alternative service providers to design and construct new Connection Assets for large customers. Connection Assets include earthing devices and overhead and underground electricity network materials, cables, transformers and switchgear. Alternative service providers must acquire network connection services from Energex in order to connect their Connection Assets to the network.

Energex proposes to only connect a customer's Connection Asset to the shared electricity distribution network and issue a Certificate for Electricity Supply on condition that the customer:
(i) enters into a contract for design and construction services with a third party designer that Energex is satisfied to have the necessary design and construction expertise and experience, and
(ii) uses equipment that is of a satisfactory standard and is compatible with Energex's network, spares pool and Energex's maintenance practices and expertise, by reference to the list of equipment and products that have passed Energex's testing requirements from time to time.


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