Eastern Suburbs Newspapers - Review of Notification - N90330


  • Brehmer Fairfax Pty Limited
  • Double Bay Newspapers Pty Limited
  • Eastern Suburbs Newspapers
  • General Newspapers Pty Limited

Notification number(s)

  • N90330


On 12 November 1993 General Newspapers Pty Limited, Double Bay Newspapers Limited and Brehmer Fairfax Limited, trading as Eastern Suburbs Newspapers, lodged a notification in respect of contracts entered into between it and eastern suburban Sydney real estate agents. The contracts provide that the real estate agent agrees to place 75% of the total suburban advertising by it, or on behalf of its vendor/clients, in respect of eastern suburbs real estate display advertising, with the Wentworth Courier.

On 10 December 2007 the ACCC issued a draft notice proposing to revoke the notification.

Following further consultation, the ACCC released a final notice revoking the notification on 29 May 2008. As a result, the immunity provided by notification N90330 will cease on 29 June 2008.

A copy of the ACCC's final notice can be found by clicking on the ACCC decisions link below.


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