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The 'Imagination Library' is a charitable program that mails free books to children, one book a month from the time they are born until the month of their 5th birthday. United Way wishes to replicate this service in Australia with the assistance of the Dollywood Foundation.

The Dollywood Foundation will supply United Way Australia with goods and services including:
- marketing assistance,
- assistance in the recruitment of local communities to participate in the program,
- assistance with the book selection,
- the provision of approved images and quotes from Dolly Parton, and videos, templates and samples of promotional materials that the Dollywood Foundation has used previously, and
- money for the costs associated with the set up of the Imagination Library

on condition that United Way Australia will exclusively acquire books for the Imagination Library from the Penguin Group (Australia) (trading name of Pearsons Australia Group Pty Ltd).

The notification was allowed to stand on 15 April 2013.


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