Delfin Greystanes Pty Limited & Boral Resources (NSW) Pty Limited - Notification - N95335 & N95336


  • Boral Resources (NSW) Pty Limited
  • Delfin Greystanes Pty Limited

Notification number(s)

  • N95335
  • N95336


Boral Resources (NSW) Pty Limited (Boral) is the owner of a property estate called Nelson's Ridge in NSW. Delfin Greystanes Pty Limited (Delfin) is the property developer and marketer.

Boral and Delfin each propose to offer for sale a number of residential lots at Nelson's Ridge on condition that purchasers enter into a contract with Boral to acquire a vacant residential lot and enter into a building contract with a preferred builder for the construction of a duplex home on the residential lot. A duplex on two adjoining residential lots can only be built by one builder.

These notifications were allowed to stand on 4 April 2011.


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