DealsDirect Pty Ltd t/a - Notification - N95744


  • DealsDirect Pty Ltd T/A

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  • N95744


DealsDirect Pty Ltd T/A proposes to make promotional offers to its customers from time to time when they purchase goods online from BedBuys, on condition that the customer uses an accepted payment service provider specified by BedBuys at the time of the promotion.

BedBuys' intitial proposal is to offer a promotion to customers who pay using PayPal, but other accepted payment service providers may be specified in future promotions (such as VISA, Mastercard, American Express, provided they are issued by banks within Australia, and BPay).

Promotions may include, discounts, free shipping, and BedBuys Dollars or Coupons which may be redeemed for BedBuys online products.


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