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The Cricket World Cup 2015 Ltd (CWC 2015) is the organising committee for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Tournament to be held in Australia and New Zealand in February 2015 (the Tournament).

CWC 2015 has entered into Catering Services Agreements with Venue Operators, or directly with Appointed Caterers. Venue Operators are the operators of stadiums, hotels and other venues in Australia where Tournament matches, training sessions and other Tournament related events will be held. The International Cricket Council (ICC) has entered into sponsorship and licensing agreements with Commercial Partners in relation to the Tournament. In relation to food and beverage related sponsors, they will have the
exclusive right to supply food, beverage and any related products or services for the use in all Tournament related catering, and to sell food and beverages from public concession stands.

The Conduct
CWC 2015 has lodged three notifications in relation to catering at Tournament Venues.

a. Approved Suppliers
CWC 2015 will enter into a Catering Services Agreement with Venue Operators on condition that each Venue Operator, in providing catering and hospitality services at Tournament events, must only use the products and services of suppliers approved by CWC 2015 or the International Cricket Council (ICC). Approved Suppliers
will include Commercial Partners and any other suppliers whose goods and services are necessary to provide catering and hospitality services, provided that the appointment of other suppliers does not conflict with the exclusive rights of Commercial Partners.

b. Commercial Partners to use Public Catering Concessions
If required by CWC 2015, the Venue Operator and any caterer will enter into an agreement with a Commercial Partner in relation to the operation by that Commercial Partner, of public catering concessions at the event venue during the Tournament.

c. Purchasers of hospitality packages must use Appointed Caterers.
Where Venue Operators (or Resellers) have the right to sell hospitality packages to Tournament events, they must sell hospitality packages which include food and beverage packages provided by the Appointed Caterer. Where existing box/suite holders choose to finalise their food and beverage packages at a later date, CWC 2015 proposes that customers purchase this from either CWC 2015 (via its agent Nine Live Pty Ltd and Spotless Services Pty Ltd, collectively referred to as "Ninespot"), or directly from an Appointed Caterer.
All Appointed Caterers must only use food, beverage and any other related products or services of the relevant Commercial Partner in providing catering services at Tournament events.


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