ComputerFleet Management & Subsidiaries Perpetual Trustee AB Management Notification N31183 - N31186


  • AB Management Pty Ltd
  • Clear Capital Management Pty Ltd
  • Computer Fleet Management Pty Ltd
  • Perpetual Trustee Company Ltd

Notification number(s)

  • N31183
  • N31184
  • N31185
  • N31186


AB Management Limited, Perpetual Trustee Company Limited, ComputerFleet Management Pty Limited and Clear Capital Management Pty Ltd lodged notifications in relation to an arrangement where Perpetual Trustee will offer to supply lending services to customers of Dealers who buy equipment from those dealers at a particular price being nil interest charges, on the condition that the customer will acquire equipment from the Dealers.

Clear Capital Management propose to offer to customers, dealers and telecommunications services providers services in relation to arranging or procuring loans and in relation to the ongoing servicing of the relevant relationships between those parties and the lender on condition that the Dealers, the telecommunication service providers and the customers enter into agreements with the Lender in relation to the provision of the loans by the Lender.