Commonwealth Bank of Australia & Darrell Lea - Notifications - N94698 & N94699


  • Commonwealth Bank of Australia (Use for all; True Awards)
  • Darrell Lea

Notification number(s)

  • N94698
  • N94699


Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) has lodged two notifications: one on its own behalf and one on behalf of Darrell Lea Chocolate Shops Pty Ltd (Darrell Lea). Holders of CBA credit cards can become members (Members) of CBA's loyalty program, the Commonwealth Awards Program (the Program).

CBA proposes to offer to supply from time to time, through the Program newsletter and other collateral marketing material, non-cash benefits, such as the right to enter into a trade promotion, and additional goods or services at a discounted price or without charge, (Benefits) to Members on condition that the Member purchases in full or part specific goods and services and specific packages of goods and services offered by Darrell Lea using the Member's credit card linked to the Program.

Darrell Lea proposes to give or allow a discount or allowance in relation to the supply of products and services, or to supply the goods or services at a particular price, or to supply particular goods, services or Benefits in relation to the supply of the products or services to persons, on the condition that a person is either a Member or that the Member acquires the goods or services in full or part by using the Member's credit card linked to the program.

The notifications were allowed to stand on 10 June 2010.


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