Commonwealth Bank of Australia and related companies - Notifications - N31504-N31536


  • ACP Magazines Limited
  • Adairs Manchester Pty Ltd
  • Astra Chauffeured Limousines of Australia Pty Ltd
  • Bob Jane Corporation Pty Ltd
  • Brazin Entertainment Pty Limited
  • Cellarmaster Wines Pty Ltd
  • Commonwealth Bank of Australia
  • Crabtree & Evelyn Australia Pty Ltd
  • Crown Limited
  • David Jones Limited
  • Eon Ventures Pty Limited
  • Flight Centre Limited
  • Henry Schein Regional Pty Ltd
  • Hoyts Pty Ltd
  • Jupiters Limited
  • Lexington International Pty Ltd
  • Macquarie Leisure Operations Limited
  • Mirvac Hotels Pty Ltd
  • Optus Internet Pty Ltd
  • Optus Mobile Pty Ltd
  • Present Solutions Australia Pty Ltd
  • Prouds Jewellers Pty Ltd
  • Provet Pty Ltd
  • Roses Only & Lush Flowers Pty Ltd
  • Sea World Nara Resort Hotel Pty Ltd
  • Showbiz International Pty Limited
  • Strandbags Group Pty Ltd
  • Sydney Attractions Group Limited
  • The Heavenly Group of Companies Pty Ltd
  • Thrifty (Australia) Pty Limited
  • Travel Easy Holidays Pty Limited
  • Travelodge Australia Limited
  • Warner Bros Feature Productions Pty Limited

Notification number(s)

  • N31504
  • N31505
  • N31506
  • N31507
  • N31508
  • N31509
  • N31510
  • N31511
  • N31512
  • N31513
  • N31514
  • N31515
  • N31516
  • N31517
  • N31518
  • N31519
  • N31520
  • N31521
  • N31522
  • N31523
  • N31524
  • N31525
  • N31526
  • N31527
  • N31528
  • N31529
  • N31530
  • N31531
  • N31532
  • N31533
  • N31534
  • N31535
  • N31536


Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) and related companies propose to offer additional Bonus Points and other non-cash benefits from time to time to purchasers of goods or services from Bonus Partners on condition that the purchaser is a Member of the CBA Commonwealth Awards Program (Program) or that the Member acquires the goods or services in full or in part by using the Member's credit card linked to the Program.

The Bonus Partners propose to offer a dicount or allowance for goods or services on condition that a customer is a member of the CBA Rewards Program, or the customer uses a credit card linked to the Rewards Program to purchase the goods or services.


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