Coles Myer Ltd and Eureka Operations Pty Ltd, GE Capital Finance Australia - N40799 N40800 N40797


  • Coles Myer Ltd
  • Eureka Operations Pty Ltd
  • GE Capital Finance Australia

Notification number(s)

  • N40797
  • N40799
  • N40800


Coles Myer Ltd and Eureka Operations Pty Ltd and GE Capital Finance Australia benefits and privileges offered to Coles Myer Source MasterCard and Coles Myer Source Gold MasterCard cardholders relating to the supply of petroleum products by Eureka Operations Pty Ltd trading as Coles Express on condition that the cardholder has acquired goods of a specified minimum value from companies in the Coles Myer Ltd group.

GE Capital Finance Australia will offer a discount on petrol provided by Eureka Operations (trading as Coles Express) by use of a voucher issued by GECFA.