Cape View Developments WA Pty Ltd - Other Sellers - Notifications - N70451-N70456


  • Begonia Gardens Pty Ltd
  • Quadrant Investments Pty Ltd
  • Sputnik Pty Ltd
  • Venetia Investments Pty Ltd as trustee for G Trust
  • Venetia Investments Pty Ltd as trustee for H&G Trust
  • Westbeach Enterprises Pty Ltd

Notification number(s)

  • N70451
  • N70452
  • N70453
  • N70454
  • N70455
  • N70456


Cape View Developments, Westbeach Enterprises, Begonia Gardens, Quadrant Investments, Sputnik and Venetia Investments are parties to a joint venture in respect of the sale of land at Cape View Beach Resort. Under the terms of the proposed land sale contract, each buyer of one of the 20 vacant strata title lots to which a bungalow type dwelling has been allocated within Stage 3 of the Cape View Beach Resort will be required to enter into a separate building contract with a nominated builder pursuant to which the nominated builder shall construct the bungalow on the lot purchased.