Bruce Heal & Ors - Notifications - N93592 - N93594


  • Bruce Heal
  • Janene Lea Garde
  • Megan Farnsworth

Notification number(s)

  • N93592
  • N93593
  • N93594


Bruce Heal, Janene Lea Garde and Megan Farnsworth (trading as HPS Pharmacies) have entered in to an agreement with Calvary Health Care Adelaide Limited whereby HPS Pharmacies propose to supply pharmaceutical services to Calvary Central Districts Hospital, Calvary College Grove Hospital, Calvary North Adelaide Hospital and Calvary Wakefield Hospital on condition that the hospitals do not acquire pharmaceutical products from a supplier other than HPS Pharmacies. The hospitals are operated by Calvary Health Care Adelaide Limited (CHCA).

On 19 November 2008 the ACCC decided not to take any further action in respect of the notification at this time. Further details relating to the conduct can be found in the below documents.