BP branded services stations - Notifications - N40781-N40788


  • Andale Trading Pty Ltd
  • Cuz Queensland Pty Ltd
  • Daygold Pty Ltd
  • Gullyside Pty Ltd
  • Jimmy Grant Trading Pty Ltd
  • The Trustee for Clark Family Trust
  • Thistle Investment Pty Ltd
  • Zakynthos Trading Pty Ltd

Notification number(s)

  • N40781
  • N40782
  • N40783
  • N40784
  • N40785
  • N40786
  • N40787
  • N40788


BP branded services stations in the Brisbane metropolitan area: Zakynthos Trading Pty Ltd, Daygold Pty Ltd, The Trustee for Clark Family Trust, Cuz Queensland Pty Ltd, Jimmy Grant Trading Pty Ltd, Thistle Investment Pty Ltd, Andale Trading Pty Ltd, Gullyside Pty Ltd lodged notifications in relation to the offer of discounted fuel to consumers on condition they have acquired goods of a specified value from participating supermarkets owned by Action Supermarkets Pty Ltd.