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  • N94046


BP Australia proposes to supply or offer to supply (or give or allow, or offer to give or allow, a discount, allowance, rebate or credit in relation to the supply of) base oil for the purpose of manufacturing BP Lubricants to Australasian Lubricants Manufacturing Company Pty Ltd (ALMC) on the condition that ALMC will acquire components of BP Lubricants, including base oil and other ingredients and packaging from suppliers nominated by BP Australia from time to time.

BP Lubricants include grease, grease products, white oil, transformer/transmission oil, packed fuels, detergents, base oils, diesel engine oils, hydraulic oils, passenger car motor oils, drive line fluids, industrial oils, railroad engine oils, gas engine oils, marine engine oils and other specialty products.

The ACCC allowed the notification to stand on 5 August 2009.


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