BHP Billiton Petroleum - Notifications - N95773 - N95775


  • BHP Billiton Petroleum (Australia) Pty Ltd
  • BHP Billiton Petroleum (North West Shelf) Pty Ltd
  • BHP Billiton Petroleum Pty Ltd

Notification number(s)

  • N95773
  • N95774
  • N95775


BHP Billiton Petroleum will offer to supply contractor agency firms with the benefit of being permitted to supply BHP Billiton Petroleum with contractor agency services on condition that they acquire certain services from IQNavigator relating to the management of agency contractors, including:
- facilitating the supplier's access to the Vendor Management System with a unique supplier account, login and password details; and
- facilitating the supply of services from the supplier to BHP Billiton Petroleum, including processing invoices on its behalf.

Suppliers must sign an agreement with IQNavigator which includes a 0.9% processing fee.


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