BankSA & BusinessSA - Notifications - N99668 & N99680


  • BankSA
  • South Australian Employers Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc

Notification number(s)

  • N99668
  • N99680


Where a business opens a new account or attends a financial review with BankSA, BankSA will pay the cost of a 12 month membership with BusinessSA on behalf of the business on the condition that the business takes out such a membership.

BusinessSA will provide a discount on their standard 12 month membership fee or a policy document package on the condition that a business acquires a business deposit account or attends a financial review by BankSA and presents a certified voucher from BankSA.

BankSA may refuse to pay the cost of membership, and BusinessSA may refuse to provide a discount, if the business does not satisfy the conditions.


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