Bank of Western Australia Ltd & Ors - Notifications N31634-N31640


  • BOS International (Australia) Limited
  • Bank of Western Australia Ltd
  • Capital Finance Australia Limited
  • HBOS Treasury Services plc
  • St Andrew's Australia Pty Ltd
  • St Andrew's Life Insurnace Pty Ltd
  • St Andrew's Wealth Management Ltd

Notification number(s)

  • N31634
  • N31635
  • N31636
  • N31637
  • N31638
  • N31639
  • N31640


The Bank of Western Australia (Bankwest) and six related companies propose to offer discounted banking services or banking services on condition that customers acquire one or more services from one of the other related companies. The related companies include: BOS International (Australia) Ltd; Capital Finance Australia Limited; HBOS Treasury Services plc; St Andrew's Australia Pty Ltd; St Andrew's Wealth Management Ltd; and St Andrew's Life Insurance Pty Ltd.


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