BangTango Australia Pty Limited - Notification - N97072


  • BangTango Australia Pty Limited

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  • N97072


BangTango Australia Pty Limited (BangTango) has previously notified (N96677) that it proposes to provide live concert ticketing fulfillment services and related concert experiences to consumers, on condition they are Telstra customers or staff of Telstra.

The current notification relates to the same behaviour in that BangTango has notified the following additional services, for the avoidance of doubt, in case they are not covered by the previous notification:

- reserve 15-30% of the tickets for each event from sale to the general public, to be offered exclusively to
Telstra customers; and

- in some cases (eg in packages, promotions and competitions) offer additional event related experiences
(eg backstage tours, merchandise and access to the artist's music etc).

BangTango proposes to supply these services in conjunction with the previously notified services described in N96677.


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