Australian Stock Exchange Options Clearing House Pty Ltd - Notification - N90875 & N90876


  • Australian Stock Exchange Ltd
  • Options Clearing House Pty Ltd

Notification number(s)

  • N90875
  • N90876


ASXF requiring, as a precondition to participation in ASXF markets, its members to acquire clearing services either directly or indirectly from a clearing house approved and nominated by ASXF (ie OCH) (N90875).

OCH making its futures clearing services available only to participants who are members of an Approved Exchange and only on condition that they abide by the Business Rules of that Exchange in force from time to time. ASXF is an Approved Exchange for these purposes (N90876).
Notification N90876 was withdrawn 14/1/02. Anticipating Notification N90875 to be withdrawn March 2003


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