• AGL Energy Limited
  • AGL Energy Sales & Marketing Ltd
  • AGL Energy Services Pty Ltd
  • AGL Retail Energy Ltd
  • AGL Sales (Queensland Electricity) Pty Ltd
  • AGL Sales (Queensland) Pty Ltd
  • AGL Sales Pty Ltd
  • AGL South Australia Pty Ltd

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  • N97165
  • N97166
  • N97167
  • N97168
  • N97169
  • N97170
  • N97171
  • N97172


Eight notifications have been lodged by a related group of companies: AGL Energy Limited, AGL Retail Energy Ltd, AGL Sales Pty Ltd, AGL South Australia Pty Ltd, AGL Sales (Queensland) Pty Ltd, AGL Sales (Queensland Electricity) Pty Ltd, AGL Energy Sales & Marketing Ltd, AGL Energy Services Pty Ltd (collectively the AGL Group).

The AGL Group proposes to offer loyalty program services to eligible customers which acquire particular goods or services from the AGL Group or a related entity on condition that the customer:

- has or will acquire 'Flybuys' membership services from Loyalty Pacific; and in some cases
-acquires relevant goods or services from an AGL Smarter Living Franchisee (which is unrelated to the AGL Group).


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