AGH Holdings Pty Ltd & Ors - Notifications - N93956 - N93969


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Notification number(s)

  • N93956
  • N93957
  • N93958
  • N93959
  • N93960
  • N93961
  • N93962
  • N93963
  • N93964
  • N93965
  • N93966
  • N93967
  • N93968
  • N93969


AGH Holdings Pty Ltd and Ors propose to give or allow (or offer to give or allow) a discount, allowance, rebate or credit in relation to fuel products to customers on the condition that the customer acquire, or spends a minimum amount on, products or services from stores operated by Coles Businesses (Coles, Coles Central, Liquorland, Bi-Lo and Pick n Pay Hypermarket, Kmart, Coles Online, Shopfast and hotels operated by the Coles Group) and supplies the Fuel Supplier with a receipt evidencing the expenditure.


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