AFF Franchising Pty Ltd t/a Chicken Treat - Notification - N95584


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  • N95584


AFF Franchising (trading as "Chicken Treat") franchises are granted to Chicken Treat franchisees on the condition that they agree to:
- only use equipment in the franchised business which has been approved by Chicken Treat as meeting Chicken Treat's standard for design, function, performance, serviceability and warranty;
- and acquire POS (being all computer and point of sale systems software and relevant information technology and all related machinery and equipment including any computer hardware and also includes but is not limited to back office software which incorporates sales, inventory, product and employee management functions) and services (including all those relating to the installation, modification, repair, maintenance, upgrading and replacement of POS and the provision of ADSL/ Broadband services to access internet based back office and training systems) specified from Chicken Treat from third party suppliers who have been approved by Chicken Treat.


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