Advanced Fresh Concepts Pty Ltd - Notification - N98404


  • Advanced Fresh Concepts Pty Ltd

Notification number(s)

  • N98404


Advanced Fresh Concepts Pty Ltd proposes to require its Franchisees to purchase certain goods and services from suppliers that have been approved from time to time by Advanced Fresh Concepts Pty Ltd. The relevant goods and services to be acquired are:
(i) raw materials and certain consumable products (e. g. rice, sushi
products, animal products, salad items, sauces, and/or other condiments, including pre-manufactured or pre-packaged products)
(ii) packaging, merchandise and promotional products
(iii) specified equipment for the preparation of sushi and other products (for instance rice cookers, label machines, pH meters and thermometers)
(iv) certain products and services relating to the installation, fit out,
maintenance and upkeep of equipment and the Food Service Counter;
(v) point of sale systems, hardware and software, including labelling
equipment and hardware, such as tablets.


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