• The Wangaratta Anaesthetic Group (WAG)

Lodged on behalf of

  • Dr Andrew Haughton
  • Dr Mark Radnor
  • Dr Peter Hebbard
  • Dr Roger Barker
  • Minical Pty Ltd
  • Robin Sharpe Pty Ltd
  • Russell Bourne Pty Ltd


Target Notification number Date lodged
BUPA Australia Health Pty Ltd CB00006


A group of anaesthetists who are members of the Wangaratta Anaesthetic Group, propose to collectively negotiate with HBA in relation to anaesthesia fees. Specifically, the group propose to collectively negotiate a value above the scheduled fee for the provision of no-gap billing to members of the HBA Fund.

The ACCC does not object to the notification. Protection afforded by the notification commenced on
19 December 2007 and will cease three years from the date of lodgement (21 November 2010).