South Australian Farmers' Federation - Collective Bargaining Notification - CB00070


  • South Australian Farmers' Federation


TargetNotification numberDate lodged
Inghams Enterprises Pty LtdCB0007027/02/2009


The South Australian Farmers Federation (SAFF) lodged the collective bargaining notification on behalf of 18 South Australian chicken growers, collectively known as the Inghams SA Chicken Growers. The parties propose to negotiate the terms and conditions of their growing contracts with Inghams Enterprises Pty Ltd (Inghams), including:

-duration of contracts and renewal
-growing fees and the manner in which they will be reviewed or adjusted during the terms of the contracts
-performance schemes and other adjustments to growing fees, including arrangements relating to mortalities, density levels and batch rates
-procedures for resolution of disputes between growers and the processor during the term of contracts and
-other terms and conditions relating to supply and growing of chickens.