Lodged on behalf of

  • Balonne Shire Council
  • Paroo Shire Council


Target Notification number Date lodged
The Tourism Group Pty Ltd t/a as Outback Car Hire

Notification number(s)

  • CB10000487


Quilpie Shire Council lodged a notification for collective bargaining on 15 April 2024. Quilpie Shire Council is a local government that represents a local government area in South West Queensland. Quilpie Shire Council has lodged the notification on behalf of itself and two other local governments, Paroo Shire Council and Balonne Shire Council (collectively, the Councils).

The Councils are considering the development of a dry car hire initiative (the Proposed Initiative), under which excess Council owned vehicles may be made available for rent by visitors to the South West Queensland region, including one-way rentals, in order to increase tourism opportunities in the region. There currently are no car rental facilities available in the Councils’ local government areas, and no one-way rentals are available in any nearby existing car rental businesses. Quilpie Shire Council invited expressions of interest (EOI) in 2023 from tourism operators who would be willing to administer the Proposed Initiative.

The Tourism Group Pty Ltd ACN 155 112 584 trading as Outback Car Hire (The Tourism Group) provided the only response to the EOI process, and has subsequently been selected as the preferred provider. Each Council now intends to enter into a separate agreement with The Tourism Group to provide the below services:

  1. ensuring compliance of the vehicles for rental;
  2. developing a booking system;
  3. maintenance and upkeep of hire vehicles and insurances required to operate a car hire business;
  4. establishing rental centres in the relevant towns and contracting rental agents, who will manage execution of rental agreements on arrival, carry out inspection of vehicles on return and liaise with the participating Councils to organise maintenance; and
  5. organising logistics, including safe storage of vehicles and relocation of hire vehicles back to rental depots.

The Proposed Initiative is proposed for an initial term of 2 years, with a mechanism to extend the term by a further year, to a maximum term of 3 years.

The notified conduct does not include a collective boycott and participation by the Councils is voluntary.


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