BFC Stores Pty Ltd & Ors - Collective Bargaining Notifications - CB00009 - CB00056


  • BFC Stores Pty Ltd & Ors

Lodged on behalf of:

  • Anthony Mastroianni
  • Brian Long
  • Chris O'Keefe
  • Colin Innes
  • David McCormack
  • David Robertson
  • David Simpson
  • Doug Warrell
  • Doug White
  • George Vartazarian
  • Jan Van der Kwast
  • Jeremy Williams
  • John Leehy
  • Joy Anthony
  • Judy Kirkpatrick
  • Ken Humphreys
  • Kerry Woodman
  • Malcolm Creamer
  • Merrill Bruce
  • Michael Dynon
  • Michael Maloney
  • Paul Brand
  • Peter McCormack
  • Peter Nord
  • Robert Katsipis
  • Russell Paterson
  • Sandra Pantazopoulos
  • Stephen Townsend
  • Steven Aspinall
  • Stewart Conroy
  • Warrick Broad
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TargetNotification numberDate lodged
G.S.B Chemical Co Pty LtdCB0000907/10/2008
The Bronson Group Pty LtdCB0001007/10/2008
Bondall Pty LtdCB0001107/10/2008
Bostik Australia Pty LtdCB0001207/10/2008
C & A Brushware Pty LtdCB0001307/10/2008
The Flood Company Australia Pty LtdCB0001407/10/2008
Hichem Pty LtdCB0001507/10/2008
GPI Automotive Products Pty LtdCB0001607/10/2008
Hills Industries LtdCB0001707/10/2008
K & H Surface Technologies Pty LtdCB0001807/10/2008
Liquid Technologies Pty LtdCB0001907/10/2008
Sequence Australia Unit PartnershipCB0002007/10/2008
Ladder Solutions Pty LtdCB0002107/10/2008
Lightning Products Pty LtdCB0002207/10/2008
Hartman Pacific Pty LtdCB0002307/10/2008
Lifestyle Australia Pty LtdCB0002407/10/2008
Hume InternationaleCB0002507/10/2008
Metro Agencies InternationalCB0002607/10/2008
Nilfisk-Advance Pty LtdCB0002707/10/2008
Paint Products AustraliaCB0002807/10/2008
Phillro Industries Pty LtdCB0002907/10/2008
Quantum Timber Finishes Pty LtdCB0003007/10/2008
Recochem IncCB0003107/10/2008
Red Devil (Australia) Pty LtdCB0003207/10/2008
Saint-Gobain Abrasives Pty LtdCB0003307/10/2008
Wagner Spraytech (Australia) Pty LtdCB0003407/10/2008
Selleys Pty LtdCB0003507/10/2008
Timbermate ProductsCB0003607/10/2008
Aussie Optics Pty LtdCB0003707/10/2008
Yakka Pty LtdCB0003807/10/2008
Vipond's Paints Pty LtdCB0003907/10/2008
Zinsser Asia Pacific Pty LtdCB0004007/10/2008
Vision Wallcoverings (Australia) Pty LtdCB0004107/10/2008
Uni-Pro Painting Equipment Pty LtdCB0004207/10/2008
Tenaru Timber & Finishes Pty LtdCB0004307/10/2008
Swepdri International Pty LtdCB0004407/10/2008
G James Glass and Aluminium Pty LtdCB0004507/10/2008
Express Rollers Australia Pty LtdCB0004607/10/2008
Dominion plastic Industries Pty LtdCB0004707/10/2008
Melpaint Products Pty LtdCB0004807/10/2008
Melpaint Products Pty LtdCB0004907/10/2008
Oldfields Pty LtdCB0005007/10/2008
Rokset Industries Pty LtdCB0005107/10/2008
Australian Bushware Corporation Pty LtdCB0005207/10/2008
Orica Australia Pty LtdCB0005307/10/2008
Irwin Industrial Tool Company Pty LtdCB0005407/10/2008
3M Australia Pty LtdCB0005507/10/2008
PPG Industries Australia Pty LtdCB0005607/10/2008
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BFC Stores Pty Ltd proposes to negotiate on behalf of BFC owned and franchise owned stores with 48 targets in relation to the price at which the stores can purchase products for on-supply to Australian consumers. This description applies to all 48 notifications.