• BFC Stores Pty Ltd & Ors

Lodged on behalf of

  • Lifestyle Australia Pty Ltd


Target Notification number Date lodged
Lifestyle Australia Pty Ltd CB00178


On 7 October 2011 the ACCC received collective bargaining notifications CB00157 - CB00203 from BFC Stores Pty Ltd (BFC). BFC proposes to enter into negotiations on behalf of BFC owned stores, 30 BFC franchisee owned stores, and one associate member (who operates its store under a similar system to the BFC franchisees, although independent of the BFC franchise system) with 46 target businesses.

BFC proposes to negotiate in relation to the supply of architectural and decorative paint and coating products to the group of stores on the terms of Supplier Trading Terms Agreements, including terms relating to price.

Participation in the arrangement is voluntary and stores are free to negotiate individually directly with suppliers should they wish to do so.

The applicant confirmed the withdrawal of notification CB00178 on 25 October 2011. A copy of this notification is available by following the link below.


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