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Target Notification number Date lodged
3M Australia Pty Ltd CB00157
Australian Brushware Corporation Pty Ltd CB00158
Bondall Pty Ltd CB00159
Bostik Australia Pty Ltd CB00160
C & A Brushware Pty Ltd CB00161
Campbells Wholesale Pty Ltd CB00162
Colourtrend Paints (Aust) pty ltd CB00163
Melpaint Products Pty Ltd t/a Dispose-A-Tray CB00164
Dominion plastic Industries Pty Ltd CB00165
Duralex Paints Pty Ltd CB00166
Easy Way Painting Services Pty Ltd t/a Easy Way Wholesalers CB00167
ACN 113168344 Pty Ltd t/a Eurowalls CB00168
Express Rollers Australia Pty Ltd CB00169
Hartman Pacific Pty Ltd t/a Gorilla Ladders CB00170
GPI Automotive Products Pty Ltd CB00171
Hichem Pty Ltd CB00172
Hills Industries Ltd CB00173
The Trustees for the Hume Unit Trust T/a Hume Internationale CB00174
Irwin Industrial Tool Company Pty Ltd CB00175
K & H Surface Technologies Pty Ltd CB00176
Ladder Solutions Pty Ltd CB00177
Trustee for Richardson Family Trust t/a Metro Agencies International CB00179
Nilfisk-Advance Pty Ltd CB00180
Oldfields Pty Ltd CB00181
Orica Australia Pty Ltd t/a Cabots CB00182
PPG Industries Australia Pty Ltd CB00183
Phillro Industries Pty Ltd CB00184
Quantum Timber Finishes Pty Ltd CB00185
Recochem Inc CB00186
Red Devil (Aust) Pty Ltd CB00187
Resene Paints (Aust) Ltd CB00188
Rokset Industries Pty Ltd CB00189
Saint-Gobain Abrasives Pty Ltd CB00190
Selleys Pty Ltd CB00191
Sequence Australia Unit Partnership CB00192
Tenaru Timber & Finishes Pty Ltd CB00193
Tapes Pacific Pty Ltd t/a Stylus Tapes International CB00194
Swepdri International Pty Ltd CB00195
Brilliant Group Pty Ltd t/a The Brilliant Group CB00196
The Flood Company Australia Pty Ltd CB00197
Timbermate Products Pty Ltd CB00198
Uni-Pro Painting Equipment Pty Ltd CB00199
Vipond's Paints Pty Ltd CB00200
Vision Wallcoverings (Australia) Pty Ltd CB00201
Wagner Spraytech (Australia) Pty Ltd CB00202
Rust-Oleum Australia Pty Ltd t/a Zinsser CB00203


On 7 October 2011 the ACCC received collective bargaining notifications from BFC Stores Pty Ltd (BFC). BFC proposes to enter into negotiations on behalf of BFC owned stores, 30 BFC franchisee owned stores, and one associate member (who operates its store under a similar system to the BFC franchisees, although independent of the BFC franchise system) with 46 target businesses.

BFC proposes to negotiate in relation to the supply of architectural and decorative paint and coating products to the group of stores on the terms of Supplier Trading Terms Agreements, including terms relating to price.

Participation in the arrangement is voluntary and stores are free to negotiate individually directly with suppliers should they wish to do so.

Copies of the notifications are available by following the links below.

The applicant confirmed the withdrawal of notification CB00178 on 25 October 2011.

The notifications were allowed to stand on 3 November 2011.


Document title Date
CB00195 (Swepdri International Pty Ltd) - received
CB00194 (Stylus Tapes International) - received
CB00193 (Tenaru Timber & Finishes Pty Ltd) - received
CB00192 (Sequence Australia Unit Partnership) - received
CB00191 (Selleys Pty Ltd) - received
CB00190 (Saint-Gobain Abrasives Pty Ltd) - received
CB00189 (Rokset Industries Pty Ltd) - received
CB00188 (Resene Paints Australia Ltd) - received
CB00187 (Red Devil Australia Ltd) - received
CB00203 (Zinsser) - received
CB00202 (Wagner Spraytech Australia Pty Ltd) - received
CB00201 (Vison Wallcoverings Australia Pty Ltd) - received
CB00200 (Vipond's Paints Pty Ltd) - received
CB00199 (Uni-Pro Painting Equipment Pty Ltd) - received
CB00198 (Timbermate Products Pty Ltd) - received
CB00197 (The Flood Company Australia Pty Ltd) - received
CB00196 (Brilliant Group Pty Ltd) - received
CB00176 (K & H Surface Technologies Pty Ltd) - received
CB00175 (Irwin Industrial Tool Company Pty Ltd) - received
CB00174 (Hume International) - received
CB00173 (Hills Industries Ltd) - received
CB00172 (Hichem Pty Ltd) - received
CB00171 (GPI Automotive Products Pty Ltd) - received
CB00170 (Gorilla Ladders) received
CB00169 (Express Rollers Australia Pty Ltd) - received
CB00168 (Eurowalls) - received
CB00167 (Easy Way Wholesalers) - received
CB00166 (Duralex Paints Pty Ltd) - received
CB00186 (REcochem Inc) - received
CB00185 (Quantum Timber Finishes Pty Ltd) - received
CB00184 (Phillro Industries Pty Ltd) - received
CB00183 (PPG Industries Australia Pty Ltd) - received
CB00182 (Cabots) - received
CB00181 (Oldfields Pty Ltd) - received
CB00180 (Nilfisk-Advance Pty Ltd) - received
CB00179 (Metro Agencies International) - received
CB00177 (Ladder Solutions Pty Ltd) - received
CB00165 (Dominion Plastic Industries Pty Ltd) - received
CB00164 (Dispose-A-Tray) - received
CB00163 (Colourtrend Paints Australia Pty Ltd) - received
CB00162 (Campbells Wholesales Pty Ltd) - received
CB00161 (C & A Brushware Pty Ltd) - received
CB00160 (Bostik Australia Pty Ltd) - received
CB00159 (Bondall Pty Ltd) - received
CB00158 (Australian Brushware Corporation Pty Ltd) - received
CB00157 (3M Australia Pty Ltd) - received
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