• Australian Medical Association (Vic) Pty Ltd

Lodged on behalf of

  • Dinesh Agarwal Pty Ltd
  • Dr Abhay Umranikar
  • Dr Ananthaswamy Nagesh
  • Dr Anita S Boecksteiner
  • Dr Christopher Coombs
  • Dr Claude Calandra
  • Dr Colin Iatrou
  • Dr Darren Teoh
  • Dr Douglas Travis
  • Dr Gerard Stainsby
  • Dr Giuseppe Garra
  • Dr Howard J Parker
  • Dr Iain J Skinner
  • Dr Karl Braslis
  • Dr Ken Quach
  • Dr Matthew Bowman
  • Dr Michael J Dooley
  • Dr Richard DG Freeman
  • Dr Rob H Solly
  • Dr Robin EA Hooper
  • Dr Simon Bernard
  • Dr Stephen McLaughlin
  • Dr Tamara Culnane
  • John D Vidovich Pty Ltd
  • Mr P R Hayes Pty Ltd
  • Russell G Taylor Pty Ltd


Target Notification number Date lodged
Werribee Mercy Hospital CB00005


The AMA Victoria proposes to, on behalf of 26 doctors, collectively negotiate terms and conditions in relation to pricing, rostering, provision of out of hours service and other conditions of engagement with the target hospital, Werribee Mercy Hospital.

On 26 November 2007, the AMA Victoria withdrew this notification.


Document title Date


Document title Date
Draft Objection Notice