Australian Medical Association (Vic) Pty Ltd - Collective Bargaining Notification - CB00004


  • Australian Medical Association (Vic) Pty Ltd

Lodged on behalf of:

  • Ameen Medical Pty Ltd
  • Dr Andrew Green
  • Dr Brendan J Steele
  • Dr Charles Mashonganyika
  • Dr Chris Kimber
  • Dr David A Oglivy
  • Dr David Birks
  • Dr David K H Chan
  • Dr Edward A Marrow
  • Dr George Owen
  • Dr Gerald Busch
  • Dr Glenn Watson
  • Dr Gordon Arthur
  • Dr Grant J Harrison
  • Dr J P Brougham
  • Dr Jacques Coetzee
  • Dr John Scarlett
  • Dr Joseph Tam
  • Dr Malcolm Thomas
  • Dr Mark Troski
  • Dr Midhat Ghali
  • Dr Ming Yii
  • Dr Neville Steer
  • Dr Norbert Fuessel
  • Dr Peter Lewis
  • Dr Philip Worboys
  • Dr Pradeep Madhok
  • Dr Roger Fitzgerald
  • Dr Sean T Leahy
  • Dr Steve T Grigoleit
  • Dr Tanja Bohl
  • Jillian R Wih Pty Ltd
  • MH Sanderson Incorporated Pty Ltd
  • P F Burke Pty Ltd
  • Peter Rehfisch Pty Ltd
  • Peter Smith Nominees Pty Ltd
  • RG Thorne Pty Ltd
  • RWL Ocular Services Pty Ltd
  • Robert J Dawson Pty Ltd
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TargetNotification numberDate lodged
Latrobe Regional HospitalCB0000417/09/2007


The AMA Victoria proposes to, on behalf of 39 doctors, collectively negotiate terms and conditions in relation to pricing, rostering, provision of out of hours service and other conditions of engagement with the target hospital, Latrobe Regional Hospital.


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