The University of Adelaide & Ors


On 15 October 2021 the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (the ACCC) received an application for authorisation from The University of Adelaide, Flinders University and the University of South Australia (together, the Applicants).

The Applicants are seeking authorisation under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth) (the Act) to enable universities and other education providers that have campuses in South Australia to jointly establish and effect travel and quarantine accommodation arrangements to facilitate the return of international students to study on-campus at premises in South Australia (the Proposed Conduct). This would include:

  • jointly appointing travel management service providers and any other service providers needed to effect the arrangements,
  • collaborating to establish an international travel corridor to bring international students into South Australia via commercial or charter flights,
  • implementing seat allocation arrangements,
  • collaborating to facilitate compliance with Government quarantine requirements,
  • exchanging information as reasonably necessary, and
  • communicating with students seeking to return to Australia through the arrangements.

The Applicants have also requested interim authorisation to allow them to engage in the Proposed Conduct prior to the ACCC’s final determination on the substantive application for authorisation, to enable the return of continuing students by early January 2022 in time for the commencement of the 2022 academic year.

On 5 November 2021, the ACCC granted interim authorisation.

Further information on the application for authorisation, including the details of the Proposed Conduct, is available below.

A timetable is set out below for your information.

Indicative date

Stage in assessment process

15 October 2021

Lodgement of application and supporting submission.

19 October 2021

Public consultation process begins.

25 October 2021

Closing date for submissions on interim authorisation.

5 November 2021

ACCC decision regarding interim authorisation.

10 November 2021

Closing date for submissions on substantive application.

February 2022

Draft determination.

February/March 2022

Public consultation on draft determination including any conference if called.

March 2022

Final determination.


  • The University of Adelaide
  • University of South Australia
  • Flinders University

Authorisation number(s)

  • AA1000585-1


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Document title Date


ACCC correspondence

Submissions - before draft decision