The State of Queensland Acting through the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation - A91224 & A91225


On 15 April 2010 the OLGR applied for authorisation for a pro-forma liquor accord agreement. Liquor accord agreements are signed by licensed premises and others in a particular area and contain strategies to reduce the abuse and misuse of alcohol. The OLGR's pro-forma liquor accord agreement:
- is voluntary to sign and is non-binding upon its signatories
- requires signatories to ban practices and promotions that may encourage rapid or excessive consumption of liquor, for example:
* 'drink cards' that provide a multiple of free drinks;
* extreme discounts or discounts of limited duration; and
* any other promotions or gimmicks that encourage rapid intoxication.
- requires signatories to ensure smaller serves of drinks (e.g. half nips) are available at differential (lower) prices;
- requires signatories to offer and promote low alcohol beer at differential (lower) prices compared to full strength.
- requires signatories not to advertise or allow promotions of very high alcohol substances such as overproof rum and high alcohol carbonated drinks; and
- requires signatories to avoid offering drinks that, by their method of consumption, encourages irresponsible drinking habits and are likely to result in rapid intoxication.

On 7 October 2010 the ACCC issued a final determination granting conditional authorisation in respect of the liquor accord for 3 years. Copies of all relevant documents are available by following the links below.


  • The State of Queensland Acting through the Office of Liquor and Gaming

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  • A91224
  • A91225


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