Description of Conduct

Stanwell Corporation Limited and Diamantina Power Station Pty Ltd (the Applicants) sought re-authorisation of the technical and operational arrangements related to the operation of the North West Power System (NWPS). Specifically, the parties sought authorisation to agree to rules related to the coordination of dispatch of generators, and demand management and load shedding of certain electricity consumers within the NWPS (the Dispatch Protocol). The NWPS is an isolated electricity generation and transmission network based in Mt Isa and is not connected to the national grid.

The Dispatch Protocol was previously conditionally authorised on 29 January 2015. The condition imposed on the authorisation requires the Applicants to notify the ACCC in writing of any amendment to the Dispatch Protocol or schedules to the Dispatch Protocol within 10 days of the amendment being made, with the exception of amendments made to Schedule 5 – Forecast Data Format or Schedule 6 – Key Contact Details. The Applicants also sought to extend the exception to this condition to apply to additional Schedules.

On 11 March 2020 the ACCC issued a determination authorising the arrangements until 2 April 2025, subject to a condition that the Applicants notify the ACCC in writing within 10 business days of any amendment made to the Dispatch Protocol, including the Schedules (with exceptions). 

On 4 December 2020, Diamantina advised the ACCC of proposed amendments to the Dispatch Protocol – Schedule 7 (Load Shedding System) and Schedule 9 (List of Participants and Disconnected Participants) – as a result of Stanwell’s proposed disconnection of the Mica Creek Power Station from the NWPS from 1 January 2021.



  • Diamantina Power Station Pty Ltd
  • Stanwell Corporation Limited

Authorisation number(s)

  • AA1000454-1