St Vincent's Health Australia Limited & Ors - Authorisations - A91295 - A91297


Authorisation has been sought so that the SVHA Group, including St Vincent's Private Hospital Sydney (SVPHS) can:
o Jointly negotiate with health funds and the repatriation Commission
o Jointly negotiate the purchase of goods and services from suppliers for medical and non-medical goods and services used by hospitals
o Limit, prevent or restrict the supply or acquisition of goods and services by any or all of the Group (collective boycott)
o Engage in exclusive dealing arrangements such that the supply of goods or services at St Vincent's Private Hospital is conditional on a third person acquiring goods or services from another entity in the Group, where the third person is a funding organisation.

The ACCC granted authorisation on 12 September 2012 to St Vincent's Health Australia Ltd & Ors to act collectively as a group in order to engage in conduct including collective bargaining with health insurers and suppliers of other goods and services to the group, collective boycott activity, and exclusive dealing arrangements. The ACCC granted authorisation until 4 October 2022.


  • St Vincent's Health Australia Limited
  • The Congregation of Religious Sisters of Charity of Australia
  • The Holy Spirit Northside Private Hospital Limited
  • Trustees of Mary Aikenhead Ministries

Authorisation number(s)

  • A91295
  • A91296
  • A91297


Submissions - after draft decision

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