Royal Automobile Club of Queensland - Authorisations - A91358 & A91359


The RACQ is seeking to enhance its RACQ Approved Repairers Network by including a requirement that all RACQ Approved Repairers offer a standard express warranty for repair services to RACQ members. Where further repairs are required that are covered by that express warranty, the RACQ member may require another RACQ Approved Repairer to undertake those repairs. Where that occurs, the RACQ member will not be charged for the repair, instead the Approved Repairer undertaking the warranty repair will charge the RACQ Approved Repairer who did the original repair and gave the express warranty, at a fixed labour cost.

To achieve the above, the RACQ is seeking authorisation to enter into an agreement with RACQ Approved Repairers that will fix and maintain the labour charge that each RACQ Approved Repairer will charge other RACQ Approved Repairers for repair work done to honour a warranty given by the original RACQ Approved Repairer to an RACQ Member.

RACQ also seeks authorisation on behalf of RACQ Approved Repairers to refuse to provide:

i) to non-RACQ members the express warranty involving reciprocal repairs
ii) warranty repair services at no charge to the customer to non-RACQ members, and
iii) warranty repair services at no charge to RACQ members whose original repairs were not performed by another RACQ Approved Repairer.

On 29 May 2013, the ACCC issued a determination granting authorisation for five years.


  • Royal Automobile Club of Queensland

Authorisation number(s)

  • A91358
  • A91359