Retail Energy Market Company Limited - Authorisation - A91136 - A91138 & A91170 & A91171


The Retail Energy Market Company Ltd (REMCo) is seeking re-authorisation of Chapter 5 (which sets out rules for dealing with imbalances in the gas network) and Chapter 6 (which sets out procedures for ensuring compliance with the RMR) of the Retail Market Rules (RMR) and the associated ancillary deeds. The RMR are the rules under which the gas retail market systems are operated in each of South Australia and Western Australia.

On 26 August 2009 the ACCC issued its final determination granting authorisation to the arrangements for a period of 10 years in Western Australia, and in the case of South Australia, 10 years or until REMCo's South Australian functions are transferred to the Australian Energy Market Operator.


  • Retail Energy Market Company Limited

Authorisation number(s)

  • A91136
  • A91137
  • A91138
  • A91170
  • A91171


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