Description of Conduct

Ashfield Council, Auburn Council, Burwood Council, City of Sydney, Canada Bay Council, Leichhardt Municipal Council and Strathfield Municipal Council jointly sought authorisation to jointly select (via tender) a contractor to receive, store, process and dispose (by sale or otherwise) of dry recyclable material for seven years. Unless the successful tenderer already has a materials recycling facility in or adjacent to the inner Sydney region, it would be required to construct one. Resource New South Wales (Resource NSW) took over from the Inner Sydney Waste Board (ISWB) as the contract superintendent on 8 October 2001.

The Commission authorised the inner Sydney councils to collectively tender for material recycling facility operators to sort and dispose of their dry recyclable material.


  • Inner Sydney Waste Boards
  • Resource New South Wales

Authorisation number(s)

  • A30205



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