Refrigerant Reclaim Australia Limited - Authorisation - A91256


On 12 May 2011, the ACCC released a final determination granting authorisation to RRA to continue to operate a product stewardship scheme to recover ozone depleting and synthetic greenhouse gases (refrigerant) to be destroyed, stored or reclaimed and sold and to expand the scope of the scheme to allow industry participants (which are part of the RRA Board) to discuss and agree to:
- reduce the level of the levy applied to each kilo of refrigerant imported and sold in Australia
- set the value of rebates paid to contractors and wholesalers
- the processes used to reclaim recovered refrigerant to on-sell
- consider alternative destruction services either in Australia or offshore.

The ACCC grants authorisation for a period of 5 years.

A pre-decision conference was held in relation to the matter on 14 April 2011.

The ACCC released a draft determination on the matter on 3 March 2011.

The ACCC also granted interim authorisation to allow RRA to continue to operate the Scheme and apply the levy as previously authorised while the ACCC considers the current application for authorisation. Interim authorisation commenced on 1 January 2011 and will remain in place until the date the ACCC's final determination comes into effect or until the ACCC decides to revoke interim authorisation.

A copy of the ACCC's final determination can be accessed by following the links below.


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