Recruitment and Consulting Services Association Limited - Minor Variation of a Non-Merger Authorisation - A91226


Recruitment & Consulting Services Association Limited (RCSA) proposes to make a minor variation to authorisation A91102, which allows RCSA to make arrangements giving effect to exclusionary provisions in its Code for Professional Conduct, its Constitution and its Disciplinary & Dispute Resolution Procedures (DDRP) until February 2014.

RCSA proposes to vary the DDRP to:
- clarify the chronology of the complaints process
- allow for matters to be resolved between the complainant and RCSA member within 30 days
- allow the RCSA to delay its intervention in a complaints process
- provide that members may give an undertaking to the RCSA Board in satisfaction or partial satisfaction of a disciplinary complaint made against that member.

This minor variation was granted on 2 July 2010.


  • Recruitment and Consulting Services Association Limited

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  • A91226


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