Racing and Wagering Western Australia (RWWA) - Minor Variation


On 7 April 2021, Racing and Wagering Western Australia (RWWA) sought a minor variation of authorisation AA1000423, which authorised a management services agreement (MSA) between RWWA and BetEasy for the provision of fixed odds management services.

RWWA sought two variations to the MSA. The first was to include Sportsbet as a party to the current MSA, enabling Sportsbet to perform some or all of BetEasy’s obligations under the MSA. The second was to amend the MSA to allow BetEasy/Sportsbet to provide transitional support to RWWA to assist RWWA’s transition to providing its own fixed odds management services, prior to termination or expiry of the MSA, not just after expiry or termination, as is currently stipulated in the MSA.

On 11 June 2021, the ACCC issued a determination granting the minor variations. Authorisation AA1000423 will remain in effect until 30 December 2028.

Further information about the ACCC’s decision is available below.


  • Racing and Wagering Western Australia

Authorisation number(s)

  • AA1000423-2