Qantas Airways Ltd & Air New Zealand Ltd - Authorisations - A91001-A91003


Qantas Airways Limited (Qantas) and Air New Zealand Limited (Air NZ) and their subsidiaries (the Applicants) seek authorisation of a Tasman Networks Agreement (TNA). The TNA involves the coordination of activities between the Applicants in respect of any flight operated on their `trans-Tasman Network' in the areas of scheduling and planning of flights (including the allocation of capacity), pricing of passenger services, code sharing, frequent flyer programs, processing of passengers and baggage, and coordinating of minimum inflight offering and cargo services (as determined from time to time). The applications were withdrawn on 17 November 2006.


  • Air New Zealand Ltd
  • Qantas Airways Ltd

Authorisation number(s)

  • A91001
  • A91002
  • A91003


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