Description of Conduct

Port Waratah Coal Services Ltd sought authorisation of its proposed medium term capacity distribution system (CDS), to operate from 1 January 2005, to reduce the imbalance between the demand for coal loading services at the Port of Newcastle and the capacity of the Hunter Valley coal chain.

The Commission granted authorisation to PWCS for the Medium Term CDS, subject to a condition, until 31 December 2007. The conditition requires PWCS to provide a report to the Commission by 21 January each year, commencing in 2006. Broadly, this report requires PWCS to outline the progress made by the Hunter Valley coal industry in relation to the coordinated program of investment and any impact on the volume of exports as a result of the Medium Term CDS.


  • Port Waratah Coal Services Ltd

Authorisation number(s)

  • A30236
  • A30237
  • A30238

Pre-decision conferences