Plumbing Plus Bathroom Kitchen Laundry Pty Ltd as trustee for The Plumbing Plus Unit Trust - A91523 & A91524


Plumbing Plus, on behalf of itself and its current and future members, sought authorisation to:

1. collectively bargain and negotiate trading terms and supply arrangements with domestic and offshore suppliers, wholesalers and importers for the supply of plumbing and hardware materials to its members

2. participate in a catalogue program, whereby members may elect to take part in joint promotions involving recommended (maximum) prices, and

3. source, establish and negotiate a series of arrangements for the supply of specific products imported from overseas and domestic suppliers to its members for periods of up to five years on the condition that those suppliers will not provide or supply those specific products to non-members in Australia.

The ACCC granted interim authorisation to the applicant on 11 February 2016.

On 24 March 2016 the ACCC released a draft determination proposing to grant authorisation for ten years.

The ACCC issued a determination on 12 May 2016 granting authorisation for ten years (until 3 June 2026).


  • Plumbing Plus Bathroom Kitchen Laundry Pty Ltd

Authorisation number(s)

  • A91523
  • A91524