Description of Conduct

The transmission arrangements that apply in Victoria are unique within the National Electricity Market (NEM). SPI PowerNet is a privately owned company that owns and operates most of the transmission network. VENCorp is a statutory authority established on a not-for-profit basis, that is, it operates on a full cost recovery but no
operating surplus basis. VENCorp plans and directs the augmentation of the shared transmission network. It is also the monopoly provider of shared transmission network services in Victoria, acquiring bulk network services from SPI PowerNet and other service providers under network agreements. VENCorp does not own transmission assets

The applications seek to ensure that VENCorp's unique status is recognised when it becomes regulated under the National Electricity Code. Furthermore, the applications seek to clarify the delineation of roles and responsibilities of both VENCorp and SPI PowerNet, and also included some minor 'housekeeping' amendments.


  • NECA

Authorisation number(s)

  • A90850
  • A90851
  • A90852